Through organization of corporate clients

IP Telephony

Communication network for corporate clients

Ability to connect

up to 1000 Mbit/s. from optical fiber


Richest IPTV service of the country

Optic internet

AzFiberNet offers fiber optic internet for individual home users. The service is provided over fiber optic lines. By applying to AzFiberNet, any natural person can send high-quality and high-speed Internet access to the coverage area. The service has the following advantages:

- Connection speed up to 100 Mbit/s.;
- Uninterrupted Internet;
- Convenient use of video surveillance, IP telephony, IPTV services;
- Lack of dependence on telephone lines;
- High-speed Internet access in areas with limited technical capability;

PackageSpeedMonthly price
Standart40/40 Mbit/s.18.00 AZN
Silver50/50 Mbit/s.20.00 AZN
Gold70/70 Mbit/s.30.00 AZN
Platinum100/100 Mbit/s.50.00 AZN
Additional servicesMonthly price
IP TV10.00 AZN
Static IP address10.00 AZN
One-time access feeFREE!

- Re-admission fee for the customers who have been disconnected from the network and sent to the archive will be paid;
- After 18:00, connection requests are subject to an additional charge - 10.00 AZN;
!!! - These prices are for personal use (home customers). Corporate clients are requested to apply individually.

SIP phone

IP telephony is a technology that combines the features of the Internet with the usual phone. The signal is transmitted in digital form via the contact channel. IP telephony service is provided via SIP numbers such as computers, mobile phones, or even stationary telephones. High-speed phone connectivity allows you to receive and transmit more than one phone call. Under the existing agreement with Azertelecom, it is possible to use the service within any boundary of the Republic of Azerbaijan at any point in the Internet connection.

One-time access fee70.00 AZN
Monthly payment4.00 AZN
"Selected number" (disposable)200.00 AZN

- For all non-paid numbers within 3 months, the existing contract is canceled and added to the re-sales list;
- These prices are for personal use (home customers). Corporate clients are requested to apply individually.


IP TV (Internet Protocol Television) is a modern technology that enables you to efficiently transmit a television signal over the Internet. Currently, IPTV is the most advanced technology that enables subscribers to transmit television channels. Unlike traditional TVs, such as air, cable or satellite, IP TV is a completely interactive service that runs on the internet.
Those who purchase equipment for broadcasting will be able to watch all the channels broadcasted freely in the country. Currently, free channels are:

To view the list of all the published channels, go to.

PackageNumber of channelsMonthly price
Smart BOX (one-time fee)99.99 AZN


Our company has great experience in this area, with local and foreign partners. Locating our hosting infrastructure in Azerbaijan will allow local users to access content on our servers more conveniently and quickly, as well as minimize the use of external channels.

Hosting package:Lite
Disk space3 Gb
Monthly trafficUnlimited
MySQL base3 p.
E-mail accaunts30 p.
Subdomains30 p.
FTP accaunts3 p.
Addon domains0
Dedicated IP0
Monthly price11.00 AZN
Hosting package:Classic
Disk space5 Gb
Monthly trafficUnlimited
MySQL base5 p.
E-mail accaunts50 p.
Subdomains50 p.
FTP accaunts5 p.
Addon domains1
Dedicated IP0
Monthly price20.00 AZN
Hosting package:Econom
Disk space10 Gb
Monthly trafficUnlimited
MySQL base10 p.
E-mail accaunts100 p.
Subdomains100 p.
FTP accaunts10 p.
Addon domains2
Dedicated IP1
Monthly price35.00 AZN
Hosting package:VIP
Disk space25 Gb
Monthly trafficUnlimited
MySQL base25 p.
E-mail accauntsUnlimited
FTP accauntsUnlimited
Addon domains3
Dedicated IP1
Monthly price60.00 AZN
Hosting package:Deluxe
Disk space50 Gb
Monthly trafficUnlimited
MySQL baseUnlimited
E-mail accauntsUnlimited
FTP accauntsUnlimited
Addon domains5
Dedicated IP3
Monthly price100.00 AZN