Through organization of corporate clients

IP Telephony

Communication network for corporate clients

Ability to connect

up to 1000 Mbit/s. from optical fiber


Richest IPTV service of the country

Optic internet

In modern times, demand for communication is constantly growing.
Users are always interested in increasing the speed and quality of communication. Channels based on typical twisted couplings limit the speed of the communication lines and the high load speed. The more modern optical lines are used as the way out. They even call them the Fiber Optic Lines (RLO). It is possible to transmit information at a rate of several Tbit / s at very high transmission speeds. Opium fiber is dielectric, which is highly likely to extinguish the possibility of fire even at high risk of burns. Also, the RLO's life cycle is 25 years or more. At the same time, this is the only technology that provides not only the concept of a single package (IP telephony and interactive IP television), but also access to the Internet.

Also mentioned technology has great opportunities to provide other services:
- High-speed Internet access
- Access the internet even when you do not have a phone line
- Exchange of data up to 100 mbps on the network
- Symmetric channel (input speed is equal to the output speed)
- The maximum reliability of the network is that the communication has a high transmitter quality
- Connection to RLO technology is more reliable than other technologies for its specifications
- Video services, Video surveillance, Video conferencing
- IP phone and individual virtual voice services
- Distant education

Wireless network

Why do wireless networks need it?
As cable gangs are not sufficiently developed and are not sufficiently reliable, enterprises that carry out various types of activities, especially those with departments in different parts of the city, need any means of transmission.

Who needs a wireless network?
- for those who want to connect their affiliates in the only information space
- For those who do not have wires (difficult to walk and areas with low population)
- For those who are not satisfied with the quality of telephone lines (poor speed, frequent interruption, etc.)
- it is important for those leaders and experts to have them access to the computer. For example, you can work at home, without worrying about the documents and programs on the desktop, synchronizing them.
- for those who are hiring out and moving to other places for other organizations.

Advantages of wireless networks:
- The possibility of organizing an enterprise corporate network with multiple divisions.
- each point of the network, any size of the computer network or individual computers
- standard types of network interfaces
- Minimum connection time to the network
- access to local area network in the absence of communication
- the possibility of moving equipment at the time of departure
- high protection against unauthorized access
- free phone number

IP Telephony

IP telephony is a technology that combines the features of the Internet with the usual phone. The signal is transmitted in digital form via the contact channel. IP telephony service is provided via SIP numbers such as computers, mobile phones, or even stationary telephones. High-speed phone connectivity allows you to receive and transmit more than one phone call. Under the existing agreement with Azertelecom, it is possible to use the service within any boundary of the Republic of Azerbaijan at any point in the Internet connection.

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